X-Systems consistently applies the fundamental principles of corporate social responsibility.

Employees X-Systems

X-Systems Mobile & IoT industry

We operate in a young and fast growing Mobile and IoT industry where the only way to a winning performance is know-how, loyal and devoted employees.

For X-Systems, every employee matters. Therefore, caring for their fair and equal treatment is our fundamental principle.

At X-Systems we stimulate creativity, improve the quality of mutual relations and invest in our employees.

We are devoted to creating a safe and motivating work environment that provides favorable conditions for achieving excellence in work and personal growth of each individual.

Education X-Systems

Being aware that power relies on knowledge, education and professional training of our employees is our continuous concern.

X-Systems education is based on the principle of “learning” organization. Year in and year out, more employees participate in our internal education programs, which emphasis on leadership, creativity, communication, technology, innovation and (non financial) performance-related achievements.

Particular our attention is paid to younger promising and talented employees of X-Systems.


Environment X-Systems

Care for the environment is at the top of the priorities listed in our development strategy. Environment protection policy includes the entire life cycle of a device, from engineering, through manufacturing, and use, to removal after the end of the device useful life.

Our employees enjoy outdoor activities, admire Mother Nature and respect the human dignity. Nature is powerful yet very weak, one human is fragile while a humane society is powerful and motivational. We’re committed to a sustainable world where human and nature goes hand in hand.

As part of our evaluation, partnering and manufacturing process; we require from our international partners and suppliers to certify that the materials incorporated into the products comply with local regulations regarding pollution, slavery and human trafficking. X-Systems requires that all of its suppliers and partners conducts its operations and process in social responsible in manner of labor Practices, health, safety, values, ethics and environmental impact.

By implementing state-of-the-art technology, processes, and materials, we are continuously reducing the volume of waste generated in the production process and the consumption of energy and natural resources (power, water, natural gas, and air).


Social Responsibility X-Systems

Within X-Systems we encourage our employees to undertake and participate in various social activities. Next to this we proudly spread the word to others that doing something for the underprivileged will improve society and we’re aiming to a sustainable and respectable world. Giving to the community and globe is embedded within our organization.