The X-ENTERPRISE IoT CRYPTO Department is an in-house security business unit with specifically the focus on Wireless, IoT (Internet of Things) and Connected Devices.
Whether it is cellular or over-the-top communication. Every connected device and communication spectrum can be secured by X-ENTERPRISE.


X-ENTERPRISE increases your security level. X-ENTERPRISE offers High Assurance products and services to organisations that need the highest level of preventive security with sophisticated new technologies.

With 20+ years of experience in developing security technologies to secure mobile and interconnected devices X-ENTERPRISE is a trusted partner (known to be unknown) to organisations in government, defense, critical infrastructure and other industries.

The X-ENTERPRISE IoT CRYPTO Dept. offers both tactical and strategic security solutions for the protection of data- and communications up to the highest security levels.


X-ENTERPRISE IoT CRYPTO Dept. goes further than data and cyber security. The IoT CRYPTO Dept. helps organisations to secure their entire communications.

• Cryptography Data Communications
• Cryptography Cellular Communications
• Cryptography Network Communications
• Cryptography One-Way Communications

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