X-Enterprise Internet of Things Border Security Detection


SIGINT, Cellular Detection & Identification for Border & Customs and other purpose Security.
Signal Intelligence: X-ENTERPRISE DoT can be extended with a self-learning software module to identify cellular signals (SIGINT) to whitelist or blacklist smart devices, smart phones, GPS trackers, vehicles and persons. Operators can whitelist certain users and the self-learning software can automatically whitelist users. It can also blacklist suspects, and notify the operators when required.


By using the X-ENTERPRISE DoT SIGINT toolkit it is possible to detect, Identify, Track and Trace users using the self-learning software module. An excellent feature for border security and customs security. The border and customs workload decreases, the intelligence increases. By using the Border & Customs SIGINT toolkit, the travel time and waiting time is reduced. Resulting in a more pleasant working space for border and customs operators.


The X-ENTERPRISE DoT SIGINT toolkit can be customized to detect LTE GPS trackers of vehicles and LTE smart devices of truck drivers. Using this information for intelligence, providing the operators with more detailed information to make quick decisions when necessary. Other smart devices can also be detected within this spectrum:
• 4G LTE smart devices
• 3G GPRS smart devices
• 2G GSM smart devices
• WiFi smart devices
• IoT smart devices


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