X-Enterprise is the world’s first vertically integrated “Internet of Things Security” company. X-Systems both provides Hardware- and Software security solutions and is available throughout the complete process of IoT devices development; starting from Concept, to Design, up to the manufacturing process of the IoT devices. X-Enterprise provides both Internet-of-Things Software and Hardware Security.

Internet-of-Things Security of Software Hardware


Internet of Things Security & Privacy Software
X-Enterprise has developed several unique IoT Security programs named; X-Crypt, X-Storage and X-VPN, X-Device and X-Tunnel. Each of these programs / applications are specially designed for Internet-of-Things devices.

• X-Crypt; AES encrypted separarate partition within the device containing sensitive manufacturers data.
• X-Storage; AES encrypted IoT data security program to protect users data gathered from the IoT device.
• X-VPN; man-in-the-middle protection, encrypted IoT VPN connection between IoT device and manufacturer.
• X-Device; protecting on component level users privacy, which can make existing IoT devices more secure.
• X-Tunnel; simple, and highly secure IoT MDM program that tracks the usage, enables and disables IoT devices.

Internet-of-Things Security Software


Internet of Things Security & Privacy Hardware
X-Enterprise has developed a demonstration secure IoT device that protects users regarding security and privacy. Upon the highest level of Internet of Things security. protecting IoT devices against; brute-force attacks, side-channel attacks, stenography, chip-off protection, chip-to-chip encryption, etcetera. X-Enterprise – Internet of Things Security is available for Manufacturers, Enterprises, Organizations, and Governments with each different levels of Internet of Things security.

Internet-of-Things Security Hardware


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