IoT stands for “Internet of Things”, and can be everything that is connected with the internet. Think of smartphones, tablets but also vehicles, consumer fridges, business printers, dishwashers, thermostats, surveillance cameras, consumer cameras, etcetera. Gartner estimates that by 2020 over 50 billion IoT devices are in use. IoT is already more integrated in our daily and organizational lives than most people could imagine. Internet of Things devices increases the life standards of both consumers and workforce professionals. Internet of Things comes with many advantages, and disadvantages. Especially when Internet of Things in touch with third-party applications-, unsecured connections and WiFi hotspots. Not to mention downsides regarding privacy. This is where X-Enterprise comes in. Security Professionals in Internet of Things.

Security in Internet-of-Things & IoT


What if your Internet of Things devices come in contact with vulnerable applications, malware, spyware, phishing, drive-by downloads, unsecured connections and unsecure WiFi hotspots. What may happen if someone (such as hackers) take control over your Internet of Things devices. It will cost you a fortune to solve issues, hackers may manipulate your devices or even worse may effect the users life. X-Enterprise is already for many years an expert in the area of secure IoT and secure mobile solutions, whereby the specialization is focused on cryptography, security and privacy. Due to good investigation of the market developments, listening to clients and monitoring of threats, we are able to develop secure IoT solutions which fulfill the requirements of the clients and their customers.
Don’t let your Internet of Things become your Internet of Destruction. Better safe than sorry

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