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We provide mobile security solutions to organizations where secure wireless (data) communication is required or even a must. Data and information that was previously stored on computers is increasingly moving over to be stored on mobile devices. An average mobile device usually contains addresses, e-mails, organizational accounts, personal identities, notes from meetings and information about the user’s whereabouts. This can give a major security risk if anything goes wrong.

We are specialized in solving issues before they can become a mobile security and privacy threat. Providing software and hardware solutions for; improper session handling, data leakage, vulnerable applications, drive-by downloads, unsecured connections, network spoofing, browser exploits, phishing attacks, spyware, adware, broken cryptography and lack of mobile device policies.

Mobile Privacy & Security Solutions

Mobile Security & Mobile Privacy

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We have knowledge of high-security, private and robust security solutions for organizations and operations that need secure and private communications, and is highly involved in driving customized development projects for new and existing security solutions.

We are specialized in providing Mobile Security Software and Devices to protect your organization and operations in any situation.

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Mobile Security Software

Despite the continuous innovation in commercial mobile technology, current mobile devices are not designed from inception with the security and flexibility needed to match their evolving projects and organizational environments. We provide mobile security without losing flexibility or productivity. We combine provides security and privacy with usability and productivity.


Mobile Security Devices

The secure mobile devices of X-Systems are designed and developed with security, privacy and modularity in mind to ensure our customers can use the same mobile devices across a range of missions and operations. Through embedded hardware security and software security features, we give customers a trusted, more flexible and productive solution. Available secure mobile devices are; Smartphones, Tablets and Body Cameras.



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