X-Systems IoT Security

X-Systems provides high-security BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) software solutions for various types of IoT devices, enabling organizational, operational data and communications to stay secure and in an encrypted state.

All devices which are (wireless) connected to the Internet may be threatened one day, or maybe tomorrow, and can become a threat for organizations and operations. The opportunities of IoT devices (for example smartphones and tables) become more comprehensive, and the devices are used more and more for organizational purposes.

BYOD & IoT Security Issues

Internet of Things / IoT Security

Organizations are more beware of new opportunities of BYOD and IoT which increases the productivity of employees. Especially BYOD is very popular among employees but this holds high risks.

Employees make use of vulnerable applications, drive-by downloads, unsecured connections, unsecure WiFi hotspots, they send emails and texts over unsecure connections. In case of a device loss the confidential organizational information is open for the public.

To avoid or solve these issues we introduce various secure applications and software solutions; complete protected, private and encrypted using a secure container or partition.



BYOD & IoT Security Solutions

BYOD & IoT Security

IoT (Internet of Things, are mobile devices which are connected to the internet) become more and more important in our daily lives. And as they become more important they also become more vulnerable. Vulnerable for the organizations providing IoT products and to their (consumer) users.

Protect your IoT products against computer criminals, so called “hackers”.

X-Systems introduces the following BYOD & IoT secure applications and software solutions. Secure, private, encrypted, practical and user-friendly;


  • X-Crypt
    X-Crypt provides access to a secure partition where X-Systems secure applications are located, and where other organizational apps can be installed. X-Crypt operates within a mobile device as a separate partition (encrypted compartment), providing multi-protection for organizational data and information which need a security layer.



  • X-Device
    X-Device is the ultimate “network and information security and privacy” application, which can modify (disable / enable) the hardware roots and functionalities of the device. With X-Device a user is able to disable / enable specific functions such as front camera, rear camera, microphone and GPS signals module. By unloading the drivers no hacker get access to the actual component. This is much saver then just enabling and disabling the functions as a regular application would do.


  • X-Storage
    X-Storage is an ultra-secure local encrypted storage application, which is developed to work on various IoT devices. X-Storage is developed to run on Smartphones, Tablets, Personal Computers, Laptops and Web Servers. X-Storage provides solutions that are much more secure than the current cloud solutions. When secure local data storage and data transfer is required, X-Storage offers the solution.


  • X-Communication
    X-Communication is a secure zero-knowledge end-to-end communication platform for secure Text messaging, VoIP-talks and Data-transfers. X-Communication is available as a service where no infrastructure investment is needed. We take care of the rest; within just 5 minutes every user has the same secure communication as a president. Pure secure conversations.


  • X-Mail
    X-Mail is an end-to-end secure email client that makes usage of PGP technology, encrypting emails with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) protocol. X-Mail allows you to sign, encrypting, and decrypting texts, e-mails, files. Increase the security of your email communications from user to end-user having the public and private keys located on the device of the users for true end-to-end mail encryption.


  • X-Secure-OS
    X-Secure-OS is a secure Operating System available in various security tiers, and is the solution for organizations that have a high need of mobile security and privacy. With “X-Secure” all your Android devices become more secure, private and protected. Instantly more safeguarded against; data leakage, vulnerable applications, drive-by downloads, unsecured connections, phishing attacks, spyware, adware and other threats.


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