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X-Enterprise is the world’s first vertically integrated Internet of Things Security / IoT Security Startup in the world.

X-Enterprise begun as a IoT Security startup nearly one year ago at The Hague Security Delta, located in The Hague, The Netherlands. The Hague Security Delta is the security port to Europe, and is Europe’s leading security cluster.

Within one year X-Enterprise growed upto a team of eight IoT security specialists, as a IoT security startup it managed to develop both several IoT Security & IoT Privacy software and hardware solutions.

The expertise and knowledge X-Enterprise gathered in all the years of IoT Security specialists are used to expand existing IoT Security products and to develop new IoT Security products, which fit the requirements of the clients.

IoT Security Startup X-Enterprise

IoT Security Startup Experience

X-Enterprise believes that the highest level of IoT Security can be achieved when Software and Hardware security solutions are combined. And also understands that this is not always possible, for instance with existing IoT devices, for these Internet of Things devices X-Enterprise provides Software security programs / applications.

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