IoT Data Security

IoT is already more integrated in our daily and organizational lives than most people could imagine, and most large organizations see the potential of IoT which increases the life standards of their customers and productivity of employees. However, IoT also holds high risks.
Especially when IoT comes in touch with application-, web-based, network or physical threats such as; vulnerable applications, malware, spyware, phishing, drive-by downloads, unsecured connections and unsecure WiFi hotspots.
This is where X-Enterprise comes in.
Providing Secure IoT Solutions.

Secure Internet of Things

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”, and can be everything that is connected with the internet. Think of smartphones, tablets but also consumer vehicles, consumer fridges, business printers, thermostats, etcetera.
How many consumer vehicles have an android tablet or are open for a connection with a mobile device? All these Internet of Things might be vulnerable for application-, web-based, network or physical threats. May be not today, yet it may happen tomorrow.

Better Safe Than No IoT Security

X-Enterprise is already for many years an expert in the area of secure IoT and secure mobile solutions, whereby the specialization is focused on cryptography, security and privacy.
Due to good investigation of the market developments, listening to clients and monitoring of threats, we are able to develop secure IoT solutions which fulfill the requirements of the clients and their customers.
Any special development which is needed to protect an organization against threats on their IoT products are possible. The knowledge and experience of these secure IoT solutions are taken into the next innovative projects, so that we will stay experts in the area of secure IoT and keep our clients always Safe and Protected.

Existing Secure IoT Applications

The following secure IoT applications and modules are available on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or within X-Enterprise smartphones and tablets. Of course, – as explained in the previous paragraph -, all special developments are possible.
We have more than 10 years’ experience in Mobile and IoT security and due to the flexibility of our organization it is possible to develop secure solutions for customer specific requests.

We are specialized for many years in Secure Mobile Solutions, due to our team of experts in the field of mobile security and mobile encryption.
• X-Crypt
X-Crypt operates within a mobile device as a separate partition (encrypted compartment), providing multi-protection for organizational data and information which need a high level of a safe and security layer.
• X-Device
X-Device gives the possibility to modify (disable / enable) the device hardware roots and functionalities, as well as specific functions such as front camera, rear camera, microphone and GPS signals module. By unloading the drivers no hacker get access to the actual component.
• X-Storage
X-Storage provides storage solutions that are much more secure than the current used cloud solutions. When secure local data storage and data transfer is required, X-Storage offers the solution for smartphones, tablets and other IoT devices.
• X-Communication
X-Communication is a secure zero-knowledge end-to-end communication platform for secure Text messaging, VoIP-talks and Data-transfers. No infrastructure investment is needed. Within just 5 minutes every user possesses a high level of secure communication and pure secure conversations.
• X-Mail
X-Mail is an end-to-end secure email client that makes usage of PGP technology, encrypting emails with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) protocol. X-Mail allows you to sign, encrypt, and decrypt texts,
e-mails and files, having the public and private keys located on the device for true mail encryption.
• X-Cloud
X-Cloud storage offers a (256‐ AES) encryption of web‐based files and directories with a cross-platform secure upload and management platform. X‐Cloud provides unparalleled cloud- solutions and integration on your unique enterprise requirements, fully customized.
• X-Terminals
X-Terminals is a high standard network encryption solution, where all data automatically can be encrypted and decrypted. It is very easy to integrate this application in existing networks, to be managed via a central management, for working in a secure way and environment.

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