X-Crypt is a 512-AES encryption protected partition within an internet of things device. This partition makes it possible to install IoT security applications and programs within the internet of things device which just become visible when logged in into the IoT secure partition.

When the user is not logged in the 512-AES encryption secure partition, the applications and programs within X-Crypt cannot be shown or displayed. In this way, the applications and programs are not only in “incognitoā€¯, for the internet of things device the corresponding applications and programs does not exist at all. This guarantee the ultimo IoT security.

Only when the user is logging in to X-Crypt the 512-AES encryption secure partition will be started after entering login name and password (including authentication check between X-Crypt and the internet of things device).

After logging in into the internet of things deice, it takes thirty seconds before the secure partition is loaded and the programs and applications are becoming visible to the user. The user can make use of them as long as X-Crypt is in use.

The programs and applications remain protected at all times against any spyware or malware that maybe be located on the internet of things device, as all applications are in a locked secure partition, which is completely separate from the rest of the internet of things device. In this way the eventually present spy-or malware cannot do any harm on the device.

High Security for the Internet of Things

X-Enterprise-iot-protection 2.0

X-Crypt cannot be considered separately from the mobile device, they are like a whole and should remain so, since the device made use of a predetermined algorithm which connect the 512-AES encryption secure partition to the mobile security device. when they are disconnected from each other, X-Crypt will immediately encrypt all data permanently with a double hybrid encryption and subsequently X-Crypt will remove all data from the device to prevent chip-off or brute-force attacks.

The moment X-Crypt closes, the secure partition will completely shut down again and the encryption within the device will be turned on again, because of that the protecting of the programs and applications will be optimal again.