X-Device is a privacy application suitable for IoT devices designed for ultimate Internet of Things Privacy.

The privacy application of X-Device offers full control and management over a Internet of Things device on the field of privacy and security. All functionalities within an Internet of Things device – which normally infringe the privacy of the user – can be controlled with X-Device and can be turned on or off. This for the Internet of Things Privacy.

X-Enterprise-secure-iot-protection 2.0

Since X-Device is connected to the software drivers that establishes a connection between the hardware components and the operating system of the IoT device, X-Device can monitor and manage the drivers, allowing them switch on or off as wished or needed. More or less depending on the situation and circumstances.

Thanks to the use of X-Device each hardware component of an Internet of Things device can be enabled or disabled if desired, by the drivers.This makes X-Device the ultimate privacy application of today.

Privacy & Security for Internet of Things

X-Device is the ultimate privacy & security application because each hardware component of a IoT or of a IoT device can be enabled or disabled, – via the drivers -, if desired.

For example, the following features can be enabled or disabled on a IoT device or IoT device:

• Front camera

• Rear camera

• Front- and rear camera

• IMSI, IoT SIM-connection

• WiFi, IoT data connection

• GPS, satellite positioning

• Screen sensors

• USB-Connection

• AUX-Connection

• Bluetooth and NFC

• Google App Store

• Microphone

• Speaker

If any customer has any special desire it is possible to customize these functions.

X-Device offers the option of OTA – Over-The-Air (wireless) to manage the functions of a IoT or IoT device. Using OTA it is necessary to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or IMSI (NFC).

To enable or disable any functions has to be done by IoT Device Management Protocols.

X-Device – Internet of Things Privacy

X-Device offers – in addition to a local application on the IoT device – a connection with several MDM’s (Mobile Device Management) suppliers, that allows OTA (Over-The-Air, wireless) to enable or disable certain functions on a mobile device if desired.

For organizations or companies, the X-Device application may be an important outcome, particularly for Research & Development, Financial and Management departments where protection of secret information and data against industrial espionage and sabotage is a must-have. It can be of vital importance or crucial for a company.