X-Tunnel is an encrypted-secured VPN connection which can make a connection to an intranet (or closed Internet). by a 128- or 256-AES encrypted secure application.

X-Tunnel is an extra encryption service on the encrypted IoT Devices of X-Enterprise. Due to this this VPN encryption, the communication between a data-server, and/or a mobile device can be more secured.

X-Tunnel protects all the internal and external communication of a company against IP logging, corporate espionage or other targeted business attacks. Thanks to the protection of communications and data exchange X-Tunnel provides, employees always have the possibility to perform their work easy and safely from all over the world.

In conjunction with a TLS (updated version of SSL) encryption protocol it is possible to set up a secure and authenticated connection, by means of a certificate, founded on asymmetric cryptography as a public-key.

Internet of Things Connections


Thereafter an encrypted IoT device connection is set up, using the TLS encryption protocol in the form of a block cipher. As an extra security level a symmetric-key is added to each composition and will be exchanged to supply additional safety.

X-Tunnel also support the use of APN (Access Point Name), for setting up a secure connection over wireless networks such as GPRS, UMTS, 3G, and 4G networks. In summary: a secure replacement via a secure WiFi channel.

Moreover X-Tunnel can provide a Mobile Device Management to install, manage and secure all mobile devices from a central point, by a secure connection between any device and a central point. No matter the type of mobile device, network or service provider.

X-Tunnel, the most perfect application for a secure VPN mobile encryption for secure communication and data exchange between encrypted IoT Devices, and between mobile devices and organizations.