For the tablet users to whom security is not an option but a must-have, X-Enterprise designed this durable encrypted tablet, with maximum security and privacy. The encrypted tablet is a military grade tablet developed for C-Level, Governmental and NGO customers, offering a high standard of wireless data- and communication security.

Next to all these wireless data- and communication security this secure tablet is also a durable tablet built for all-weather. These awesome features stand for multi-function professional use. The secure tablet comes with a user-friendly hand strap, 8 GB SSD + extended encrypted memory, Cortex A7 Quad Core, with 7 inch 1024×600 IPS, 11000MAh lithium battery and fully waterproof and durable.

This durable encrypted tablet offers even more than any other military grade secure-/ encrypted tablet. This particular secure Tablet offers its own in-house developed PCB (printed circuit board) with various hardware security measures on the board; with chip-off protection, brute-force safety, hybrid chip-set potting, chip-to-chip encryption, and so on. Thanks to these security measures this secure tablet provide more than a triple layered security.

X-Enterprise has developed special security techniques, – like phone encryption layers throughout the industrial tablet for maximum security of data -, by using 256- and hybrid; secure tablet encryption, bootloader tablet encryption, X-Crypt tablet encryption (secured users-partition), and Crypt-OS tablet encryption.

The X-Enterprise encrypted tablets is using two or more algorithms at one encrypted security layer and that makes this tablet the world’s first secure industrial tablet with hybrid cryptography. Each company and organization receives its own algorithm for the best and high-end security of the cryptography and data protection.

Tablet Security

X-Enterprise-iot-encrypted-hardware 2.0

At this moment in time security is hot in the mobile and IoT world, – even it is not a new issue – , but X-Enterprise want to take security to a much more higher level. X-Enterprise is aware of the fact and understands that mobile hacking is more than hacking by wireless channels like spyware- or malware- attacks. True mobile hacking is done on a much more high and advanced level, using various intelligence collection techniques, applying tracking the whereabouts, obtaining communications, side-channel attacks, steganography and so on.

That is the reason why X-Enterprise developed this Secure-Tablet using the high-end security powered by X-Systems Crypto architecture. This security architecture is built upon three layers of trust and security, empowering maximum security of data and communication. Each of the layers contain a hybrid configurable encryption for maximum security in any configuration and any environment.

X-Enterprise IoT & Mobile Tablet Security