Encrypted Smartphone Security

The X-Enterprise 9000 from X-Systems is a military-grade encrypted smartphone, which is also extreme IP68 waterproof and comes with a rugged housing. Nevertheless, this encrypted smartphone is still slim. The international grade IP68 stands for the highest grade of Waterproof, Shockproof, and Dustproof protection.

The military encrypted smartphone “X-Tel 9000” is developed for the most highest level of security and privacy. Specially for the users to whom security is not an option, but very important. This rugged and encrypted smartphone comes with a ultra-long lasting 3600 mAh battery and also offers Dual-Sim (4G and 2G dual-sim) connections + Accurate GPS connection + Powerful WiFi connection + 32GB Micro-SD slot. With all these tough and ruggedized features this encrypted smartphone complies to industrial and military use where the highest level of security and privacy is a must.

Special to mention is that the military encrypted smartphone X-Tel 9000 offers more than any other military grade secure-/ encrypted device. This encrypted smartphone makes use of its own in-house developed PCB (printed circuit board) and next to that it also has various hardware security measures as an extra, like for example: brute-force safety, hybrid chip-set potting, chip-to-chip encryption and of course chip-off protection. Thanks to these features this device provides more than a triple layered security. This makes this device the ultra-secured and encrypted smartphone of nowadays.

Smartphone Security


X-Enterprise-blockchain-iot-protection 2.0Nowadays security is not a new item in the mobile world market, but X-Enterprise is capable of bringing the security and encryption of a smartphone to a way higher level. X-Enterprise is aware of and understands that mobile hacking is not only a threat by a man-in-the-middle-, spyware- or malware- attacks via wireless channels. No, real mobile hacking is done on a much higher sophisticated but dangerous level, like various intelligence collection techniques by applying tracking the whereabouts, obtaining communications, side-channel attacks, steganography and more.

The X-Enterprise 9000 is powered by X-Systems architecture, designed from the outset of the mobile environment. This encrypted smartphone is built upon three layers of trust and security for maximum security of data and communication. Every layer contains a hybrid configurable encryption offering the highest and maximum security in any configuration and for any environment.

For privacy reasons the Crypto phones the following components can be disabled on hardware-/ drivers level front-camera, against acoustic-attacks the microphone can be turned-off, and against top-level hacking the ambient light sensors may also be disabled. Yet the Crypto phones is very comfortable to use.

X-Enterprise IoT & Mobile Smartphone Security