Organizations are hardly aware of the risks of unsecure mobile communication and the consequences.

The encrypted phone is developed for the ultimate security and privacy usage. Specially for the users to whom security is not a wish to have, but an important issue. This “encrypted phone” is a military grade security phone developed for C-Level, Governmental and NGO customers to whom secure and safe wireless data- and communication is more than a must-have. It is a must.

The X-Enterprise encrypted phone offers more features than any other military grade secure-/ secure phone. This encrypted phone is developed in-house components which comes with more security hardware measures; chip-off protection, chip-to-chip encryption, brute-force safety, hybrid chip-set potting, and more. This encrypted phone provides even more than a triple layered security.

This encrypted phone is known for her remarkable encrypted techniques for the utmost protection of all information, data and communications, using encryption layers all over the smartphone enabling maximum security of data. Like for example: 256- and hybrid; secure phone encryption, bootloader phone encryption, X-Crypt phone security (secured users-partition), and Crypt-OS phone security.

Phone Security

x-enterprise-iot-security 2.0
In the mobile market security is not new, but with the encrypted phone from X-Enterprise the term security goes to a higher level. Mobile hacking is not only a daily threat via wireless hacking, like spyware and/or malware, and M-2-M attacks. Nowadays mobile hacking is more dangerous and destructive. The hackers and attackers are using various intelligence collection techniques by applying tracking the whereabouts, side-channel attacks, steganography and more and more. They are becoming more and more imaginative and crafty.

Using the X-Enterprise Crypto-Security architecture to design a new encrypted phone from the outset of the mobile environment. Three layers of trust and security are used to enable the highest level of security of date and communication. Every layer consists of a hybrid configurable encryption for each configuration and for each environment. Optima forma in maximum security.

Ask yourself: “Do I want an encrypted phone? Do I need an encrypted phone?” Yes, nowadays you definitely need one.

When you and/or your organization understand the importance of your personal or organizational privacy and security, it is necessary to choose the most innovative and most secure encrypted phone to protect your information, data and communication, configuration and environment.

X-Enterprise IoT & Mobile Phone Security