Crypto Phones & Smartphones Security

Secure & Encrypted Tablet Security
The secure smartphones of X-Enterprise are the most flexible and productive in combination with mobile security

The combination of X-Enterprise OS Operating System and X-Enterprise’s secure applications – which can be selected as separate modules – is the foundation for your mobile professionals in your organization.

The X-Enterprise secure solutions are each built upon layers of security protocols and cryptography.

X-Enterprise develops the most Top Secret and Maximum Security “CRYPTO PHONES” and “CRYPTO SMARTPHONES”.
X-Enterprises goes further than development of a secure boot and operating system for an existing phone brand, and sell it as a crypto phone. X-Enterprise develops and designs “CRYPTO PHONES” and “CRYPTO SMARTPHONES” with the highest security standards,- combining; Exterior hardware, Components, Printed circuit boards, secure boot, bootloader, operating system and kernel.

Available Crypto Phones

Aside from special developments, X-Enterprise secure smartphones are powered by the 256-AES encrypted X-Enterprise OS operating system, including secure X-Enterprise applications.

The X-Enterprise secure and encrypted smartphones have up to three layers of security to operate each of the X-Enterprise secure applications, which are designed upon layers of trust and AES encryptions,with as goal, reducing any risk of mission compromise due to data loss.

Phone Security Solutions

Employees at enterprises need anywhere, anytime access to new technologies and applications. Technological developments provide greater flexibility, but also ask for a higher level of security and protection of confidential information.
Cryptography in mobile communication is a must-have, especially for Large Enterprises, NGO’s and Governments. X-Enterprise has developed several confidential TOP SECRET crypto smartphones and crypto phones, built upon layers of trust and cryptography.
For X-Enterprise “Maximum Security” and “Top Secret Crypto” solutions are main priority.
The applications for X-Enterprise’s secure tablets are each built upon layers of security protocols and cryptography. For more information of the X-Enterprise applications for secure tablets, please visit our Secure IoT Solutions page.

Maximum Security Phones & Smartphones

The strength of X-Enterprise are the flexible customizations and the special developments which can be done, still providing high security and privacy in combination with usability and flexibility.


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