About X-Enterprise

Mobile & IoT Data Security
We are a “Mobile Security & IoT Security” organization that has a core expertise in mobile encryption technology. We provide secure data and communication solutions.

We are providing solutions for decision-makers and officials in governments, defense authorities and critical functions of society, such as municipalities, county councils, law enforcements, aid workers, customs, and rescue services.

X-Systems Philosophy

Information that was previously stored on computers is increasingly moving over to smartphones, tablets and other IoT devices. This is where X-Enterprise comes in. Providing Mobile & IoT Data Security.

Mobile IoT Security X-Systems

What if …
What if your organization faces threats such as application-based, web-based, network or physical threats? What if you get ,- or already are in contact with -, malware, spyware, vulnerable apps, phishing, drive-by downloads, network exploits, surveillance attacks or (industrial) espionage.
In need …
What if your organization is instantly in a need of “Secure Mobile” or “Secure IoT” solutions? Nearly every smartphone, tablet or other IoT device contains addresses, e-mails, notes from meetings and information about the user’s whereabouts. To solve or prevent any of those security risks we have a solution for your organization.

X-Enterprise Cooperation’s
We are located at the The Hague Security Delta, in The Hague, Netherlands, and cooperates with several other security businesses throughout Europe and The Hague.
The Hague Security Delta is the largest security cluster of Europe, with knowledge in the field of cyber security, national security, urban security, protection of critical infrastructure, forensics and with X-Enterprise also in the field of mobile security.
The Hague Security Delta, is well known for bringing the highest standard security solutions to European organizations and governments. That of course is the reason X-Enterprise is located at the HSD.