IoT Security

Welcome. X-Enterprise is an Internet of Things Security specialist, and is world’s first vertically integrated “Internet of Things Security” company in the world.
Welkom. X-Enterprise is een specialist op het gebied van IoT beveiliging, en is ‘s werelds eerste verticaal geïntegreerde ‘Internet of Things Security’ bedrijf ter wereld.

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Internet of Things Security

X-Enterprise started one year ago as an IoT Security Startup, and has grown up to a team of eight IoT security specialists designing, developing and integrating Internet of Things security solutions within existing IoT devices.

Due to the knowledge of IoT security and flexibility of our organization it is possible to develop solutions for client specific requests and to implement in new or existing IoT devices.
X-Enterprise your partner in Internet of Things Security.

As world’s first vertically integrated “Internet of Things Security” company, X-Enterprise provides services throughout the whole process from the start to the end product, from A to Z.

Where other IoT security providers and startups focus on Big Data and Cloud Security, X-Enterprise focuses itself truly on the Security and Privacy of Internet of Things devices.