IoT Security

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X-Enterprise, located in the Campus of the Hague Security Delta, The Hague, worldwide the main capital of Peace, Justice and Security is specialized in IoT and DoT solutions. Due to the knowledge of IoT security and flexibility of our organization it is possible to develop solutions for client specific requests and to implement in new or existing IoT devices. As world’s first vertically integrated “Internet of Things Security” company, X-Enterprise provides services throughout the whole process from the start to the end product, from A to Z. Where other IoT security providers and startups focus on Big Data and Cloud Security, X-Enterprise focuses itself truly on the Security and Privacy of Internet of Things devices.
X-Enterprise the partner in Internet of Things Security.


4G LTE Cell Phone Detection and Identification of any Android and iPhone smartphone. All the iPhone models and Android models smart phones and smart devices can be detected and identified using their IMSI + TMSI using the following spectrum intelligence techniques:
• 4G smart/cell phones
• 3G smart/cell phones
• 2G smart/cell phones
• WiFi smart/cell phones
• IoT smart/cell devices